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My Set List


I’ve decided to share my set schedule list for future reference on all social media.

Mainly because I want a little accountability and figured if I post and share it across my platforms that someone somewhere will call me out on it if I don’t stick to it 🙂

Ain’t social media grand that way?!

Okay then – let’s go!


Muse Meet Muse – Once a month

Vlogs and Girls About Guitars – at least twice a month (one each)


Sunday Local Sundays – Once a month

Freakyflyfreshtracksfridays – Weekly


Music Reviews – Once a month

Blog Post – Twice a month


Saturday Snippets – Once a month

Cover Me – Once a month

Now that you know my schedule – help me stay accountable by following me on these social medias and connecting with me! Would love to some reviews on any underground or unsigned artists. Or collaborate with another musician – that would be fun!



K. McCoy wants to live in a world where indie vinyl record shops can be found in every city and sweets don’t come with so many calories. As an Independent Writer, she has finished her first NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) Novel, which is now being edited for its 2018 release. When she is not baking or playing Cards against Humanity with her friends, you can find her writing down new ideas and concepts somewhere sunny or discovering new music on online. You can find out how to connect and create with her by visiting her on Facebook and Instagram under K. McCoy. And if you are intrigued by the musings of a music major dropout, be sure to stop by K. McCoy's alter ego page, Soprano Musings!

2 thoughts on “My Set List

    1. Don’t feel bad – even after posting this I still struggle with procrastinating 🙂 Right now I am thinking of updating the list because I’m just not motivated to doing some of the projects that I’ve listed on there.


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