Day 9: Would you Like to be my Buddy?

Yea! We are almost at the end folks 🙂
Day 9 is all about the buddy system. I am reaching out to anyone who would like a supportive, reliable, honest, yet charming partner in crime – then I’m your girl!

Get a feel for who I am, my writing style, and what my goals are for my brand.

Also open to having a guest blogger too, so if you aren’t necessarily in the artists/musician/perform realm that’s okay. I love short stories, fan-fiction, games, movies, and cosplay.

I find inspiration in all those things and would love to talk about them so don’t be shy – let’s connect and help be awesome together!


  1. I’m not a musician, but I love music! I’m also bit of an artist (I paint acrylic on canvas and I like to design photos for blogs). If you like, we can be blogging buddies and/or I can help with photos and/or design!
    P.S. Love the blog!

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