Finding my Way Through Finding my Community.

It has been almost a week into my Blogger 201 experience and I am still in love with the process. I am also taking part in the YouTube Boot Camp to vamp up my channel and this is my FAVORITE video from the first week.

Everything that Daniela said is so spot on to why I started blogging and vlogging – I just didn’t know how to say it until now.

Admitting what I want out loud is…terrifying.

Even admitting THAT was hard because once I say it, I can not take it back. It’s out there for anyone who is reading this to see. Sharing your passion and talent is always hard in this world.

Have you ever wondered why a performer is nervous as hell when they go to take the stage?

It’s because we already know. We know that no matter how amazing we find our performance to be, no matter how many folks enjoy what we do, no matter how much positive recognition and love we receive for it that there is going to be someone out there ready to spew their crap all over what we have worked our ass off to create and showcase.

Just because they can. Just because they feel like it.

Which is why I feel the need to find a community of my own. To welcome me, encourage me, and to make sure that I don’t give in to the asshats that come for me for any of the projects that I am working on now when I am finally able and ready to present them to the world.

For over a year I have actively searched for this community – through networking and fighting my introvert-ness  every step of the way. Doing so has made me more assertive, brave, bold, and passionate about what I want and how to get it.

So I can never regret that. Nor the things that happen along the way on my journey to making sure that everyone knows not only what Soprano Musings means, but also who she is – Me.

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