Ready to take on South Korea!

Well, I did it again.

I fell off the grid with my monthly blogs. And I’m sorry! Though, as always, I had a good reason. For the last several months I have been preparing to teach overseas in South Korea, and it has all but consumed me Musings. Now I am a mere three – yeah THREE – days away from flying to South Korea!

My training begins in mid-August, and I will spend a little bit of time at a lovely Guesthouse near Incheon International Airport. Of course, I will do a proper vlog review, but I would also like to ask you all for some suggestions on what else I should do leading up to my training? I still plan on working online (until the day before my training starts because after that I can no longer tutor online) so I will have a few hours during the day to explore.

The name of the Guesthouse that I will be staying in is the K-Guesthouse, which is just a few miles away from the Incheon Airport. I would like to stay close by, so I don’t get lost 🙂

As always, your good wishes and suggestions are appreciated. Thank you for joining me on my next journey – in South Korea!

Be inspired and stay inspiring Musings 🙂

-Soprano Musings


Wishfully Waiting

First, allow me to properly thank Dan AragĂłn for making this photo available for free on @unsplash. It captures my current mood so well as I listen to LoFi Hip Hop radio via Youtube at the moment.

Now I can begin my update from my post last month.

My documents for the teaching internship program that I applied for were, in fact, received by the GA consulate. All is not lost but instead completed. At least on my end 🙂

I have completed my initial and final interviews for the internship, and am now waiting to hear back from the head office overseas in regards to whether or not I was accepted. On or before June 1st I should know the outcome. How am I keeping myself busy until then?

  • Catching up on my blogs.
  • Working as many hours as I can at both of my jobs.
  • Spending time with my friends.
  • Going to the beach.
  • Creating a new vlog playlist on my YouTube channel.

The light at the end of the tunnel can almost be seen! I just hope it leads me to the sunny, magical, and beautiful side where my hopes and dreams can take flight.

As always, be inspired and stay inspiring musings!

– Soprano Musings

Beauty Bakerie Unboxing!

Hello, sweet musings!

I am still working on getting my camera set up all nice and pretty for my first lippie swatches of Beauty Bakerie, but I wanted to share my very first unboxing of the make up line with you all!

As you can see in this short video, I am so lovin’ this brand! And really, what is not to love when FREE shipping is available for orders over $50?

Also, for all you sugars looking to give your mom a sweet surprise, there is the ‘Mommy and Me’ Mascara deal! For only $30, you can get your mom the Eyelash Icing Mascara and pick up one for yourself as part of the Mommy-And-Me Mascara set and save $6!


*No promo code needed.*

This month is also Lyme Disease month and as part of Beauty Bakerie’s ‘Better Not Bitter’ Mission, they are asking us sweets to ‘Do it for the (CAUSE) Graham!’.

We can do this by purchasing the oh-so pigmented and poppin’ ‘Do it for the Graham’ palette. A percentage of proceeds from this palette’s sales this month will go towards the Global Lyme Alliance!

Are you ready to take part in a great cause AND get your hands on some sweet shades? Then click here and join the rest of us sweeties over at Beauty Bakerie!

As always, be inspired and stay inspiring!

– Soprano Musings