I F*cks With Mr. Pancakes!

Dzien dobry Musings!

I recently paid a visit to the ever popular Mr. Pancakes here in Krakow and wanted to tell you all about it.

First off – let me just say that I love their ‘Fuck Diet’ motto!

That was your first hint as to what type of meals to expect from this restaurant. The next picture is your second hint.

I was craving a more ‘American’ style breakfast, so I ordered from the Pancakes side of the menu.

And here is the result of that:

Yeah, it was THAT good!

I do feel kind of bad for not having a picture of the actual meal to show you all now, but you can be sure that on my next trip there that I will remember to take one and share it with you all. Speaking of my next trip to Mr. Pancakes, should I try something else from their Pancakes menu, or should I go all in and get a burger?

I’ll be sure to let you all know what I try next in a future post!

For now, be inspired and stay inspiring Musings!


2 Weeks in Kosmopolita!

Dzien dobry Musings!

My quarantine is officially over and I am ready to tell you more about where I am staying here in Krakow.

The full name of the aparthotel is Kosmopolita Rooms & Apartments!

It’s located in the Old Town section of Krakow and so far it’s been great. The hotel provided me with a driver from the airport, which is about a 20 minute drive away. There’s even breakfast served from 8 am to 10 am daily too and it’s yummy! Here are a few pictures for you to judge for yourselves.

Oh! Let’s talk about my room, aka studio apartment!

There are bigger rooms than the one I selected, but since it’s just me I saw no point in the extra space. All the basic amneities are provided, along with housekeeping once a week. Of course I have pictures to show you too! Here you go:

I also added pictures of the view outside my window and a picture of how the window can be opened, since for the last 2 weeks I had no idea how to do it and just decided to leave well enough alone. The fan I bought thanks to Allergo, because of covid, guest are ‘asked’ not to use the A/C unit (which I completely understand). After returning to my room, I saw that the window was ‘unhinged’ and took a picture to send to the receptionist. Though before they arrived I was talking to a friend on IG who asked me to show them the window.

I did, and they proceded to gently explain to me that the window was open properly. My American ass was unaware of the fact that European windows do not open the same way.

Once the realization hit me, I quickly emailed the front desk again, asking (begging, lol) them to please ignore my first message and that I understand that there is nothing wrong with the window. But of course it was too late. They arrived just moments after I sent the email and demonstrated how I can open the window.

Anyhoo, I can now let in fresh air while in my room for the next few weeks, so lesson learned and story time over!

Overall, I really like the aparthotel that I am staying in. The staff is professional and patient, it’s located in a nice area, and the staff takes every precaution during these covid-19 times. What I mean is that not only do the receptionist and breakfast staff wear their PPE (correctly! can not stress that enough) daily, but the breakfast staff prepares everyones meals (so there is less contact from multiple guess) and hand sanitizers are at every main entrance – even the lift!

I would for sure recommend this hotel, and will …as soon as the US gets it together and flatten the curve their so that the rest of the world will open their borders to them.

That’s all for now Musings!

Check back with me soon, as I plan on leaving a review for another place on my ‘gotta visit’ list –

Mr. Pancake!

As always, be inspired and stay inspiring!

-Soprano Musings Abroad!

Goodbye TaLK!

I taught my last class for TaLK this semester.

My mentor teacher explained to me why (the kids now have tests to take before the end of the semester, so there is no more time for English class) yesterday and even though I am sadden by the news, I understand.

Also, in a way, this helps me and the kids in saying goodbye to one another. I was trying not to freak out about next week and this makes the transition out of teaching in TaLK less painful. The thought of facing my students, knowing that it would be my last class with them was daunting, and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get through it without getting a little misty eyed. So having (unknowingly) my last class earlier than expected feels great!

I will still get to see the kids for a few more days before the end of the semester (since my contract does not end until the end of the month). Just without the weight of worrying about my last class on my mind.

And… I received my certificate of completion for the Teach and Learn in Korea program!

My MT gave it to me, along with all the other documents that I would need before leaving Korea, before we went to apply for my NPS refund.

I still have to show up to school for the next few days, but while I’m there I now have more time to study for whatever I want! Korean, Spanish, Polish, or the CELTA – it is ladies’ choice fam!

All in all, my time with the TaLK program is coming to a close and I am happy.

Happy to have had this incredible experience, to learn and develop more as an ESL (or TEFL/TESOL, whichever alphabet soup you prefer) Teacher, and to call this beautiful country my home away from home for the last two years.

Thank you TaLK.

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